Accounting Resume Objective: Is It Necessary?

Accounting Resume Objectives

The old school approach has always suggested an “objective” at the beginning of your resume, stating your desired job and field.

I am not a fan of this. Let me explain.

3 Reasons Why an Accounting Resume Objective Wastes Valuable Space in Your Resume

1.  No Need to State the Obvious

If you are joining a standard program such as those offered in Big 4, or a management trainee program in the Fortune 500 companies, stating the objective is not necessary because, well, there isn’t much to say other than you are interested in joining that particular program.

There is no point saying the obvious and wasting valuable space in your resume.

2. You Said What You Want, But What’s Your Value-Add to the Company?

If you are contacting a recruiter for general positioning in the accounting department, then it *might* be helpful to say what you are looking for. Examples:

  • Seeking a job in financial accounting to utilize my audit experience from Big 4
  • To obtain an internship to gain experience in governmental accounting where I would like to specialize in

The problem is, while you state what you want from the company, you are not telling the reader why they want you. The recruiter only cares whether you are a good candidate for the company, not vice versa. That’s why I don’t think an objective statement will do you any good.

3. It’s Pretty Lame Anyway

It’s pretty hard to make an accounting resume objective sound impressive no matter how you frame it (because, again, it is a self-centered statement). If you can’t wow the recruiter, don’t bother.

Final Note

I understand that in some cultures/countries, it is customary to put in such an accounting resume objective on your CV. If so, it’s totally fine; but if you are looking for a job in the US, I’d recommend that you skip it.

A cover letter is a much better way to express your interest to the firm. We will go through this in the next post.

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