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HOCK Stream

CMA Videos & More on HOCK Stream

Earlier this year, HOCK CMA Review introduced HOCK stream, a month-by-month subscription that delivers CMA videos and lets you access CMA experts via online office hours. And to help you determine if HOCK stream could be useful for my readers, HOCK gave me a preview of this new subscription. So in this article, I’ll share the advantages and disadvantages of studying with the HOCK stream service. Moreover, if you want to try HOCK stream for yourself, I have some exclusive discounts at the end.

HOCK Stream Logo AccountingResume.netHOCK International Review: Helping CMAs for 20+ Years

Although HOCK stream is a new product, HOCK International has been around since 2003. Over the years, the HOCK CMA study materials have expanded to include comprehensive CMA preparation courses, and HOCK’s CMA videos are some of the best on the market. In fact, HOCK is among our best 2023 CMA courses, especially for CMA candidates who learn best from audio-visual materials.

HOCK Stream for CMA Candidates: What Is It?

HOCK stream is a brand-new monthly subscription for anyone studying for the CMA exam, both Part 1 and Part 2. It combines the two most popular elements of HOCK’s full courses: quality CMA videos and one-on-one help.

HOCK stream gives you access to:

  • Every CMA HOCK video
  • Detailed video lectures, which are led by Brian Hock or HOCK’s other knowledgeable instructors
  • CMA short courses
  • Videos that practice CMA exam questions (multiple-choice and essays)
  • HOCK CMA experts’ live online office hours
  • A private social network that HOCK set up exclusively for CMA candidates

HOCK Stream Video Subscription

Your Guide to HOCK Stream

1. HOCK’s instructional CMA videos

With your HOCK stream subscription, you can watch all the HOCK step-by-step videos and the “CMA with Brian Hock” series. These videos aren’t too long, but they go into the exam questions in-depth, making them excellent for all levels of CMA preparation. Also, they include extensive explanations of the CMA exam topics, which makes them a useful resource for anyone new to management accounting or anyone who failed their first attempt at the CMA exam.

2. CMA essays and questions review videos

Moreover, HOCK has produced videos demonstrating how to respond to both the CMA essays and multiple-choice questions. Anyone who finds the CMA test questions challenging will benefit from watching HOCK’s videos because the instructors show you how to break down questions and answer them confidently. In fact, I think these videos would be especially helpful to candidates who have already failed the CMA once.

3. Short courses for CMA candidates

When you subscribe to HOCK stream, you can also enroll in the CMA HOCK short courses. Each segment of these brief courses includes a HOCK study guide that covers the key themes from the CMA exam. So if you’re taking Part 1 or Part 2 in the near future, I suggest watching these videos as a good review.

4. Individual assistance via live office hours

I was quite happy to discover that a HOCK stream subscription also includes access to live online office hours with HOCK’s CMA experts. To be clear, the CMA instructors at HOCK (all of whom are engaging and enthusiastic about helping candidates, by the way) really “sit” in an online office during set office hours each week. At this time, you can videoconference with them to ask questions about the CMA exam in person. Therefore, you have personal support if you don’t understand an exam topic.

5. Membership in a HOCK CMA social and study network

You can join a social/study network available only to subscribers when you sign up for HOCK stream. More specifically, HOCK has two groups: one for CMA Part 1 candidates and the other for CMA Part 2 candidates. This network is directly accessible via the HOCK stream website, and connecting with other users is simple. Sometimes, new CMA candidates underestimate the support they need during their CMA journey. When you belong to a dedicated network of other candidates, you can lean on them when you need moral support or just need an answer to a question outside of HOCK’s CMA experts’ office hours.

Benefits & Advantages of HOCK Stream

1. Classroom-like CMA videos with professional educators

Personally, I don’t like to use videos as my main source of learning because they can be so dry. And if I find a video boring, I feel like I’m wasting my precious study time and don’t absorb enough of the material.

Therefore, HOCK has taken the time to make videos that keep your attention. First, they are filmed in a classroom-like setting, so you’re not just reading text on a screen. (And yes…some other providers just read text on a computer screen and call that a “video.” How dull!)

Brian Hock hosts many of the videos, including the “CMA with Brian Hock” series. Brian has years of experience and is skilled at dissecting complicated issues. I think this is the reason why HOCK International CMA Review has become so popular with candidates all over the globe.

Also, the HOCK videos are closed captioned (CC). As a result, the exam concepts will be reinforced if you enable CC while watching the CMA videos. After all, the top educators understand that students learn faster when they read and listen to the concepts simultaneously. Therefore, the HOCK CMA videos will be helpful for visual and auditory learners alike.

Also, since you can watch each and every CMA video that HOCK has ever produced with HOCK stream, there are bound to be videos that cover exam topics you don’t know yet.

2. Simple to use on a mobile device

Candidates always ask me how they can be better prepared to pass the CMA exam. One suggestion I give them is to figure out how to study on the go. For instance, you could make flashcards to keep with you and study whenever you have some extra time. Of course, another option is to watch HOCK stream on your cellphone if you have spare time.

After all, you can use HOCK stream on any web-enabled device. HOCK has even built apps for both iOS and Android gadgets. I tried to use HOCK stream on my phone, and it was easy to navigate the catalog of videos and find the information I was seeking.

3. No cost, no hassle trial to HOCK stream!

If HOCK stream interests you, I encourage you to sign up for the free one-week trial. But if the monthly subscription doesn’t suit your learning style, no worries! The free trial is free, so you can’t lose anything by looking at this service. I recommend browsing the CMA video catalog, watching a few videos to get a feel for the style, and even checking in with an instructor during the weekly online office hours.

HOCK Stream Limitations

1. Video lectures for the CMA exam, but not the full HOCK CMA review course

First, remember that HOCK stream is best used as a CMA exam supplement. The HOCK stream gives you access to CMA videos and more, but it still isn’t a comprehensive review course. As a result, it lacks certain study resources like a CMA textbook or flashcards if you like to use that kind of written material to study. A CMA exam bank and sample CMA essays to practice are also unavailable. Likewise, HOCK stream doesn’t include sample full-length CMA exams. And because of that, you can’t take any timed mock exams before you sit for your test.

Regardless, the HOCK stream subscription could complement your CMA studies if you’re someone who can learn from video lectures. Just use the subscription with one of the best CMA review courses. (HOCK CMA Review is on the list of the best CMA courses for 2023, by the way!)

HOCK Stream Link

Cost of HOCK Stream CMA + My HOCK CMA Savings

You can sign up for a monthly HOCK stream membership for just $29. Or you can choose the annual subscription at $299, so that saves you money if you study with HOCK stream for at least a year. Nevertheless, whichever option you pick, you can always cancel your subscription after you pass Parts 1 and 2.

  • Monthly HOCK stream memberships cost $29
  • Yearly HOCK stream memberships are $299

I have HOCK CMA discounts, too, including an exclusive CMA stream discount for my readers!

Find HOCK Stream Discounts

My Final Considerations for HOCK Stream

HOCK CMA stream contains something for almost everyone taking the CMA exam since it gives you access to a range of resources from CMA video lectures to instructor support and an exclusive study/social CMA network. As a result, HOCK stream could be a good companion to your existing CMA review course, especially if you can learn from videos. The subscription is also ideal for anyone who failed their first CMA attempt because the instructors can break down the exam topics in a way that makes them easy to understand. So check out the HOCK stream free trial right away; I have a hunch you’ll like learning with HOCK!

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How to Reschedule the CISA Exam

How to Reschedule the CISA Exam: CISA exam reschedule advice

Candidates for the Certified Information Systems Auditor certification sometimes need to reschedule the CISA exam. After all, things in life can come up and derail your plans. But as long as you’re still within your eligibility period to take the CISA exam, you can reschedule it with just a few easy steps.

Reasons to Reschedule a CISA Exam

After you have registered to take the CISA exam, paid the CISA fees, and scheduled your exam appointment, you might have to reschedule. But don’t fret because the process of rescheduling a CISA exam is easy.

Furthermore, the ISACA doesn’t ask about the reasons for rescheduling a CISA exam. You can reschedule for sickness, work or personal conflicts, or even because you don’t feel ready. However, you do need to keep these restrictions in mind:

  • You must reschedule your CISA exam at least 48 hours before your originally scheduled test appointment. Otherwise, if you reschedule less than 48 hours in advance, you’ll forfeit your registration fees. And then, you’ll have to pay those fees again to re-register for a new exam date.

Can you cancel a CISA exam?

Technically, ISACA doesn’t allow candidates to cancel a CISA exam. However, you CAN log into your ISACA profile and cancel your scheduled exam. But if you don’t immediately reschedule a new date within your 365-day eligibility period, you won’t receive a refund of your registration fees.

CISA Exam Dates

Before going over the steps to reschedule the CISA exam, though, let’s review the CISA exam dates. After all, if you’re going through the effort of an ISACA CISA exam reschedule, you’ll first need a new preferred exam date.

In the past, the CISA exam was only given 3 times every year. But just like many other certification exams, candidates can now take the CISA exam at any time thanks to online proctoring. However, in-person exams are also available at testing centers around the globe.

Scheduling your CISA exam

One of our partner sites has an entire article about CISA exam dates, but here’s a summary:

  • All in-person testing is coordinated through the company PSI Exams. If you go to the PSI Exams website, you can find testing centers near you. And then, you can select from the dates and times available at your chosen testing center.
  • However, if you prefer the convenience of online proctoring from your home or workplace, you’ll schedule your exam date from your online ISACA profile.

How to Reschedule the CISA Exam

To cancel and then reschedule the CISA exam, just follow these steps:

  1. First, go to and log into your ISACA profile.
  2. Second, click on the tab for “Certifications and CPE Management.”
  3. Then find your scheduled CISA exam date and click the “View Details” button.
  4. Finally, on the next screen, click the button for either “Reschedule” or “Cancel Schedule.” From there, simply follow the prompts.
  5. And after you cancel your exam appointment, you can also reschedule a new one if needed. On the final screen, you’ll find a “Schedule Exam” button before you log out. Once you click it, the platform will lead you through the process of selecting a new CISA exam date.

Most importantly, just keep in mind that in order to reschedule a CISA exam, you must first cancel your existing one. Of course, you must select a date that is still within your 365-day eligibility period.

CISA Reschedule Fees

Good news: If you reschedule your CISA exam within your 365-day eligibility period, then you don’t need to pay any additional reschedule fees. On the other hand, your pocketbook could be impacted for the following reasons:

  • If you cancel your CISA exam and don’t reschedule it during your 365-day period, you’ll lose your registration fees. And then, if you decide later that you want to sit for the CISA exam, you’ll have to repay those registration fees.
  • Furthermore, if you don’t reschedule within at least 48 hours in advance of your existing CISA exam date, you’ll also lose your registration fees.
  • And if you just flat-out cancel (without rescheduling), you won’t receive any sort of refund on fees you’ve already paid. That is, all CISA exam fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How to Avoid Rescheduling Your CISA Exam

In the end, CISA candidates often reschedule their exams because they don’t feel prepared. And they often don’t feel confident because they haven’t used the right tools to study.

Subsequently, the best way to prepare for the CISA exam is to use a comprehensive CISA course. This way, you’ll feel confident that you’ve studied the right information to get a passing CISA score. For example, our top two picks for CISA review are Certified Information Security and Surgent CISA.

CISA exam review

First of all, CISA SuperReview Certified Information Security from expert Allen Keele is a popular option. To start, it’s the only full CISA review course with video lectures. Furthermore, it includes over 900 practice questions and full-length, timed exam simulations. And even more importantly, Allen provides all content support himself. In fact, users even have access to one-on-one telephone mentoring with Allen. That kind of personal support can be critical to help you pass the CISA exam.

cisa superreview

Of course, Surgent CISA Review is another good choice for CISA review. This top-notch course comes complete with over 1,020 questions with answer explanations, textbooks aligned to the CISA content specification outlines, and unlimited practice exams. Plus, the courses use adaptive learning technology to help you study more efficiently. Moreover, Surgent’s proprietary ReadySCORE feedback lets you know when you’re ready to pass based on your practice exam performance.

surgent cisa review

Final Words

So if you need to reschedule the CISA exam, don’t worry. As long as you’re still within your 365-day period of eligibility, you just need to reschedule within your online ISACA dashboard. And if you’re rescheduling because you’re not ready to take the exam yet, find some help from the best CISA review courses.

CMA Exam Prep Courses

How to Choose a CMA Exam Review Course

If you’re thinking of tackling the CMA exam, you should definitely consider a CMA review course. After all, the right materials will help you study better, which means you could study less in the long run. So in this article, I’ll give you some tips about finding the best CMA exam course for your learning style and budget.

Why You Need a CMA Exam Review Course

The IMA (or Institute of Management Accountants) grants the CMA credential, which is recognized around the world. Each year, the IMA releases the CMA exam pass rates, which tend to hover around 35-50%. Plus, the IMA estimates that most candidates spend at least 150-170 hours studying for each half of the 2-part CMA exam. What’s more, candidates who don’t study—or just as importantly, study with the wrong materials—often fail on their first exam attempt.

If you fail an exam part, you can retake it. However, the re-take fees are substantial, so you want to avoid them. Therefore, you might as well save yourself some money upfront by studying with a CMA exam prep course. But with so many on the market, which should you choose?

To help you select the best CMA exam prep for your learning style, I’ve reviewed the most comprehensive packages from some of the top courses: Becker CMAGleim CMAHOCK CMASurgent CMA, and Wiley CMAexcel. And after this course comparison, I’ll share some tips on what to look for when selecting a CMA course.

Comparison of CMA Exam Prep Courses

Becker CMA Review Pro Course Gleim CMA Premium CMA Review 2023 HOCK CMA Review Complete Surgent CMA Review Ultimate Pass Wiley CMAexcel Platinum Review Course
Access Length Until You Pass Until You Pass Unlimited Until You Pass Until You Pass
Interactive Learning Platform? Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Test Bank / MCQs 4,000+ 3,000+ 4,008 3,945+ 5,500+
Essay Questions 70 137 83 65+ 16
Video Lectures 55+ hours 70+ hours 62 hours 55+ videos 66 hours
Audio Lectures No Yes Yes No No
Textbooks Print and digital Digital and print Both print and digital Digital and prin Ebooks and print available
CMA Practice Tests Unlimited Unlimited 4 Unlimited Unlimited
Price (before discounts) $2,199 $1,599 $1,529 $1,699 $1,800

Overview of CMA Courses

Becker CMA: New CMA review course for 2023

Becker is a well-known name in the accounting industry. After all, Becker has been helping CPA and CMA candidates pass their credential exams for decades. However, in the past, Becker partnered with a third-party provider who actually wrote all of Becker’s CMA materials. But now, Becker has completely revamped its CMA courses. And consequently, all of the Becker materials are written by the company’s team of accounting experts. Therefore, the new Becker CMA video lectures, textbooks, and test bank match the quality the industry has come to expect from Becker.

Specifically, the Becker CMA Review Pro course comes with unlimited access to 70 practice essays and 4,000+ MCQs. Plus, it also includes digital and printed textbooks, even though some providers are only giving PDFs these days. Of course, the course also has video lectures, all led by Becker’s expert instructors. Each video is short and only covers one topic, so you won’t have to sit through hours of dull lectures.

What’s more, Becker’s courses use adaptive software called Adaptive2U Technology by Sana Labs. In a nutshell, this software constantly assesses your performance as you answer MCQs. Next, the technology figures out what content you’ve mastered and probably don’t need to study anymore. But more importantly, it also pinpoints what topics need more practice. Then, it curates your lessons and directs you toward texts and videos that will strengthen your weak areas. Basically, this approach could help you study for fewer hours.

Plus, the Becker CMA Review Pro course gives you outstanding personalized support. In fact, it comes with five one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions with a Becker instructor. In addition, you can take Becker’s LiveOnline courses, too. And you can actually interact with your instructor and ask questions in real time.

If you want more info, check out this review of Becker CMA on our sister site.

Gleim CMA: Quality materials for 40+ years

Gleim CMA has been helping accounting professionals pass their credential exams for over 40 years. And because of the value of their courses, it’s no wonder that so many candidates study with Gleim. For example, the Gleim CMA Premium Review includes 3,000+ practice MCQs and 167 sample essays, more than any other provider out there. Plus, you’ll also get 70+ hours of video lectures, including the “Deep Dive” series, audio versions of many lectures, Gleim’s famous textbooks (print or digital), a personalized study planner, and access to your online materials until you pass the CMA exam. And when you take a Gleim mock exam, you’ll notice that the Gleim platform looks and feels just like the real CMA exam.

Gleim is another company that uses an e-learning system called SmartAdapt. Basically, it works by keeping track of your performance on practice questions and quizzes. As it monitors what content you’ve seemed to master, it will suggest content to study for the questions you’ve been missing, too.

Here’s one thing to note about Gleim: if you don’t already have a strong accounting background, you might be unfamiliar with some of the terms and concepts used in the Gleim course. So before you start to answer practice questions, just take some time to study first.

Consider comparing Gleim vs. Becker CMA and HOCK CMA vs. Gleim for more analysis.

HOCK: For international and US-based candidates alike

HOCK CMA is popular with both international and US-based CMA candidates because of the high quality of its courses that are offered at a more affordable price point. Take the HOCK CMA Review Complete package, for example. It’s a good value because it includes 4,000+ practice MCQs, 83 essay samples with answers, study texts (digital or hard copies), 4 practice exams, digital flashcards, 62 hours of video lectures, and even a personalized study planner. And just as importantly, the HOCK CMA Review Complete package also gives you unlimited access to your online materials until you pass the exam. This way, you don’t need to repurchase your package if you happen to fail an exam part.

Plus, HOCK’s guarantee should give you some peace of mind about purchasing a HOCK course, too. According to HOCK’s policy, if you work through most of the study material included in your course but still don’t pass one of your CMA exam sections, HOCK will pay your exam re-take fees. I think that shows you that HOCK has a lot of faith in its CMA courses.

HOCK International also has a new monthly subscription service called HOCK stream. This subscription lets you watch all of the HOCK CMA videos and meet with the HOCK CMA experts during live office hours.

Surgent: A popular course with e-learning software

And finally, you should also check out Surgent CMA Review. After all, Surgent comes highly rated by its previous users. Go with the Surgent CMA Review Ultimate Pass package. You’ll receive 3,945+ MCQs that have detailed answer explanations, 65+ sample essays, full-length practice exams, flashcards, and 60+ hours of video lectures. What’s more, you’ll get free updates in case Surgent updates the study materials.

Surgent is a strong course for several reasons. First, Surgent’s lessons are bite-sized, meaning you can squeeze them into your busy life. Second, Surgent’s top courses come with access to virtual CMA coaching sessions, and that could be a big study boost.

And third, Surgent uses an award-winning e-learning platform called A.S.A.P. Technology. The software creates personalized study plans according to your anticipated exam date in combination with an analysis of your performance on practice questions. Basically, it works by directing your studies toward what content you don’t seem to know yet based on how you answer practice questions. And according to Surgent, this direction greatly reduces the number of hours their users spend studying for the CMA exam.

You can compare Surgent CMA against Gleim CMA, both popular CMA prep courses.

Wiley CMAexcel: A proven leader

Wiley CMAexcel is a popular CMA study course because it is one of the IMA’s Strategic Partners. Basically, this means that the IMA trusts Wiley’s study material, so it might be right for you.

Wiley’s Platinum Review course includes plenty of study tools to keep you learning, like over 5,500 MCQs (multiple-choice questions), 16 sample essays, and 66 hours of instructional videos. Plus, you receive a personalized study planner, a mobile app, 800+ pages of study text available online, flashcards (digital or printed), and unlimited mock exams.

Moreover, Wiley breaks its courses into “Bite-Sized Lessons” that are designed to be short but effective. Wiley’s courses also use an e-learning Efficient Learning System. And what’s more, many candidates have crammed with Wiley’s “11th Hour Final Review” and found that it went over some of the exam’s hardest content right before their exam day.

And if you happen to fail the CMA Exam after studying with Wiley, the Partner Until You Pass Guarantee means that you won’t have to repay to keep studying with your Wiley course until you receive a better score.

It’s also worth mentioning that Wiley now uses an interactive learning platform, similar to many of today’s top CMA review courses. The FocusMe Technology monitors your performance as you work through the course and answer practice questions. Once it starts to learn what topics you need to study more, it will suggest study material and practice questions that will strengthen your weak content areas.

If you’re curious to learn how Wiley stacks up against Becker, the industry leader, check out this comparison of Wiley CMA vs. Becker CMA.

CMA Review Course Materials

Each CMA exam review company has developed slightly different learning tools, but they share a common goal. Simply put, they’re all designed to help you pass the CMA exam. But most courses include some sort of textbooks or study materials that are reinforced with video or audio lectures, practice questions, and other learning devices like flashcards.

However, the type of study materials and content delivery methods that work for you might not work for the next CMA candidate. Therefore, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you begin to search for the CMA exam review course. After all, you don’t want to waste a lot of money on a course that ultimately just doesn’t work for how you learn.

Access length – make sure it’s long enough

Firstly, consider the access length of CMA exam courses. After all, most courses put the bulk of their material online, and you need a username and password to access them. Some courses only give you access for a limited amount of time – 12 or 18 months are common. So that means you can only study with your course during that timeframe.

When you first start to study for the CMA exam, 12 months might seem long enough. However, keep in mind that the CMA exam is actually given in two parts, so you’re essentially studying for two big exams and not just one. And most candidates spend hundreds of hours studying, which takes a while when you already have a job and other commitments. Plus, something in your personal or professional life will inevitably delay your studies for a bit. So really, it’s best to take a long-haul view of your study period.

So what happens if you purchase a course with only 12 months of access and haven’t passed both parts of the CMA exam yet? Well, you’ll need to repurchase your course, and that’s a big expense.

Access until you pass

Therefore, I suggest purchasing a course with unlimited or “access until you pass,” meaning that your online login will be valid until you’ve passed the CMA exam. This type of unlimited access course can cost a little more upfront, but you could very well end up spending much less because you never have to repurchase your course materials.

Plus, an unlimited access course takes away the pressure of a ticking clock counting down the days until your CMA review package expires. And when you’re already under so much pressure, why not make this one thing a little easier on yourself?

Sample essay questions

Both Part 1 and Part 2 of the CMA exam includes essays and multiple-choice questions (or MCQs). Each essay is broken down into 2-7 smaller responses. Basically, you’re presented with a real-world scenario, and then you’re asked to explain how you would respond and why.

Although some CMA candidates struggle with essays, you can master them with practice. Therefore, look for a course with plenty of practice essay questions. And of course, make sure the essay samples have answer explanations, too.

MCQ test banks

Most CMA exam review providers refer to their collection of practice MCQs as “test banks.” The questions usually come from two places. First, the IMA writes new CMA exam questions each year and then releases the old ones as study material. CMA courses compile these previously released questions into their test banks. Or, some providers have CMA experts that write questions similar to what you’ll see on the exam.

The size and quality of a test bank are really important. To start, look for a course with thousands of MCQs. After all, one of the best ways to get ready for the exam is to practice with MCQs over and over until you start to ace them all. And if you only have a few hundred or even just one or two thousand questions, you’ll have to review the same questions. And that just doesn’t help you learn as quickly as you would if you had more MCQs at your disposal.

E-learning software and performance analytics

These days, e-learning software with performance tracking is taking over the education market. After all, you more often see e-learning in K-12 classrooms, so it’s not surprising that many CMA exam review courses are using similar platforms not. Besides, this kind of software can build a personalized learning experience that ultimately leads to few study hours.

But how do these courses work? Well, here’s a short outline of a typical scenario:

  • First, many courses that come with a personalized study planner will ask about your anticipated exam date and how many hours you can study each week. With this information, it starts to understand how much content you’ll need to cover each week as you study.
  • Second, you’ll take a diagnostic quiz or maybe even a series of quizzes of content that is likely to appear on the CMA exam. Then, the software analyzes your performance and builds a list of the content you’ve mastered (and therefore don’t need to study) and what you haven’t mastered (and need to focus on).
  • Next, the course will help you build your weekly studies based on your performance. For example, your course might suggest that you watch video lectures about a certain topic and reinforce your new knowledge with practice questions.
  • And finally, some courses even had predictive tools that show you what percentage of the CMA content you know based on your practice question performance. Essentially, this type of feedback helps you understand when you’re ready to sit for the CMA exam.

Expert support and mentoring

Even if you’ve been in the accounting field for a while, you’ll probably have a question about the CMA exam content at some point. After all, the CMA exam is an “academic” one. That is, it tests you on material or nuanced details that you might not use in your daily practice.

Therefore, it’s useful to have access to accounting experts via your CMA exam review course when you need some help. However, review companies give you help in different ways. Some have live (or live online) classes, so you can ask an instructor your question in real time. Others have expert forums, and users post questions and receive a response in a certain time period.

Personalized study planners

The IMA’s Learning Outcome Statements is the official syllabus for the CMA exam. It’s fairly lengthy since the CMA exam is actually given in two parts. Therefore, it can be easy to look at the syllabus and feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that you’ll need to study.

However, that’s where a good personalized study planner comes in. A study planner will help you do just that…plan out your studies so that you’re guaranteed to cover all the material in time. The top courses include a customizable study planner, and I think they can be a big key to your overall success.

Video and audio lectures

If you’re like many candidates, you’ll do a lot of studying with video or audio lessons. Besides, after going through college, most of us learn through lecture formats. Plus, you can watch videos on your own time and take notes as you go along to learn even more. So it’s important to focus on the quality of a course’s lectures before you purchase it.

But when it comes to CMA exam review courses, what exactly does “quality” look like? Well, the answer honestly depends on the user. However, here are some things to consider:

  • Video length. For example, do you like longer lectures that cover wide topics? Or do you prefer shorter lectures that take a deep dive look into topics?
  • Number of lecture hours. If you’re someone who enjoys learning from videos, make sure the course includes enough to cover all the content.
  • Level of engagement. Some instructors are super engaging and almost downright entertaining. But others are just not, and it can be a real struggle to stay awake and focus through a boring video.
  • Quality of the instruction. Of course, you have to be able to follow the course’s instructors. After all, what’s the point of watching a video if the information isn’t presented in a way that helps you understand a topic?

So since lectures are such a critical component of a review course, how will you know anything about the quality of the lectures? Well, most CMA exam review providers offer free trials. Therefore, I suggest signing up for a trial and taking a look at the videos before you make a final purchase.

Textbooks and other study materials

Of course, despite the availability of video lectures, most of us still study the old-fashioned way: by reading a book. Therefore, the quality of a course’s textbooks or study notes is important, too. Besides, a lot of people—myself included—like to study with books because they can highlight and take notes in the margin.

But don’t think that all CMA exam textbooks are equal. For example, some companies will send you hard copies. Others, though, only provide you with online texts or even just a PDF that you’ll have to print and bind yourself. So if you don’t like e-books, take note.

Practice exams

Mock exams are another critical component of a good CMA exam review course. After all, you won’t really know if you’re ready for the exam until you sit down and take a practice exam. And like the point I just made about textbooks, don’t assume that all providers have the same mock exams. They don’t. In fact, some are better than others. So what should you look for?

  • First, your mock exams should mimic the look and feel of the real CMA exam. Basically, the CMA exam review course interface should have the same functionality as the version you’ll see on exam day. This way, when you take the real one, it will feel like you’re just taking another practice exam—no sweat.
  • Plus, your practice exams should be full-length and timed. Why? Well, one of the biggest challenges of the CMA exam is the pacing of the questions. You can’t linger too long on any one question, or you’ll run out of time to finish the exam. But if you practice the pacing, you’ll get used to carefully reading the question, selecting the correct answer, and moving on to the next question without hesitation.

Picking a CMA Course

In the end, how do you pick the CMA exam review course that will work for you? Consider these suggestions:

  • First, take note of your learning style. Do you like to watch classroom-style lectures on video? Or do you prefer to take notes in the margin of a textbook? Or do you like to quiz yourself with flashcards?
  • Second, when and where do you plan to study? Can you use an online-only course, or do you need access to offline materials, too? Will you need a mobile app or other tools to help you study on the go?
  • And finally, what’s your budget? Do you need a payment plan? And have you looked for promo codes and CMA course discounts? (Hint: keep reading for some discount links!)

A Few CMA Study Tips

Education researchers how most people learn best, and it’s really fairly straightforward. To maximize your study time, use this 1-2-3 punch: read, hear, and then engage with the materials.

But how do you do that with a self-study course? To begin, read the material in your textbook or study notes. Then, listen to that same material in a video or audio lecture. And finally, reinforce the content by interacting with it, either by answering practice questions, quizzing yourself with flashcards, taking a mock exam, or even engaging in a class discussion.

When you interact with content via these three methods (reading, hearing, and engaging), you learn the best.

Study at the time that’s best for you

The IMA claims that most candidates spend 150-170 hours studying for each part of the CMA exam. In sum, that’s more than 300 hours. And that’s just an average, so you could spend even more time getting ready for the big day.

Therefore, to maximize your efforts with your CMA exam review course, study at a time that’s best for you. Are you a morning person? If so, find a way to carve out some time to study every morning. Or are you a night owl who likes to stay up after everyone else in the house has gone to bed? Conversely, will you be studying on the go with your online course?

Whatever works best for you, create a schedule and stick to it.

Budget Considerations for CMA Exam Prep

Of course, as with any big purchase, you might not be able to ignore your budget when you’re picking a CMA exam review course. Plus, you don’t want to waste valuable resources on a course that isn’t right for you.

However, don’t automatically dismiss a course because you initially think you can’t afford it. Instead, consider your CMA exam review course as an investment in your future and your career. After all, CMAs have better access to top job positions and higher salaries than their uncredentialled co-workers. So even if there is an up-front cost, you’ll likely make up for the cost of your course when you start to see better salaries.

In addition, I suggest purchasing the best course for you because you’re going to save yourself a lot of study time. And time is money, right?

Plus, many courses offer payment plans so you can spread out the cost over time. And of course, keep in mind that substantial discounts are often available. So even if you think you can’t afford a top course, you might be pleasantly surprised after you factor in a deep discount.

Need CMA exam review course prep promo codes?

Remember: My sister site has CMA exam review course discounts that will save you a lot of money.

Comprehensive CMA Review Courses vs. Supplements

By now, you’ve probably noticed that some CMA review providers have comprehensive courses that include lots of different study tools like textbooks, flashcards or study notes, video or audio lectures, a test bank with thousands of practice questions, and maybe a mobile app. On the other hand, companies also sell so-called “supplements,” which are basically just components of their comprehensive courses that they are selling piecemeal. For instance, companies sometimes sell their test banks (collections of practice questions) or textbooks as stand-alone learning tools. Or in HOCK’s case, the HOCK stream monthly subscription lets you watch the HOCK CMA videos, but it isn’t a full review course.

So which is better? Should you purchase a comprehensive course, which includes a lot more study materials but has a higher overall price? Or should you just buy one or two supplements and save yourself some cash?

It’s best to purchase a full course

Well, based on my personal experience, you’re better off purchasing the best full comprehensive CMA course that you can. And let me tell you why.

You need more than a supplement

First, supplements don’t have all of the tools that you really need to study. For example, let’s say that you pick up a textbook from one of the companies I’ve reviewed here. Even if you read it cover to cover, you still don’t have practice questions to challenge yourself. And you can’t take any mock exams when you think you’re ready to take the real exam. And even more importantly, you won’t have any sort of professional expert support at your fingertips when you get stuck with a study problem.

Access until you pass is best

Second, if you only purchase a supplement, you won’t be able to take advantage of a company’s access until you pass guarantee, if it has one. Moreover, you also won’t be able to get free updates to your material. That is, the content of the CMA exam syllabus can change from time to time. When that happens, CMA review companies will change their study materials. However, if you purchase a stand-alone supplement, chances are that you won’t get a free update if the exam content changes. And that means you could be studying with outdated material, wasting your time on material that won’t even appear on the exam.

More learning tools = more productive studying

Third, and perhaps most importantly, you won’t be studying at your prime if you only go with a supplement. Earlier in the article, do you remember when I mentioned that you learn best when you read, hear, and engage with content? Well, that’s why comprehensive CMA exam review courses come with textbooks and lectures and ways to apply your knowledge through taking practice questions, sitting for a mock exam, or even taking part in a live classroom discussion. But if you only purchase a supplement, you won’t be able to take full advantage of the quickest way to learn.

CMA Exam Review Courses: What’s the Best?

I hope this article has given you some thoughts to consider before you purchase a CMA exam review course. After all, it’s a big decision because the right course could help you pass the CMA exam on your first try.

But among five strong courses (Becker CMA, Wiley CMAexcel, Gleim CMA, HOCK International, and Surgent CMA), is there a best? Well, personally, if I had to pick a course for myself, I would go with Becker. Let me explain why. First, Becker has completely rewritten its CMA materials, and now they are better than ever. Second, the bite-sized videos are great for working professionals who don’t have a lot of time for long lectures. And third, Becker’s e-learning software directs your studies in such a way that you’ll probably need to study fewer hours.

Basically, Becker helps you study better, which means you’ll be better prepared for the big exam day.

Further Reading

Facts: How to Become a CMA in 2023

If you want to become a CMA, it’s important to learn all the information you can before you begin. This will help you plan the steps involved in preparing for and passing the exam, getting certified, and maintaining your certification over time. In this post, I’m going to give you a full how-to guide to help you get your CMA.

Taking your accounting career to the next level begins with getting your CMA, the Certified Management Accountant credential. This globally recognized certification sets you apart as a professional in the field. It’s granted by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and is therefore respected in the industry.

Your CMA certification will look great on job applications. Having a CMA will show that you did the work and invested the time and money to get your certification. You’ll have benefits and opportunities within the financial and accounting management fields to do things you wouldn’t have been able to do without the CMA. So, in the long run, you’ll probably have access to better jobs that pay bigger salaries.

So, let’s look at how you can become a CMA in this complete guide.

What is a CMA?

First, let’s explore what a CMA actually is. CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. Basically, it is a designation awarded to accountants who have passed the CMA exam and have met certain other qualifications. CMA-certified professionals usually work in financial planning and analysis positions such as budgeting and forecasting. Plus, some CMAs work in control and professional ethics.

A CMA may hold the title of a corporate accountant, cost accountant, management accountant, risk manager, financial strategist, FP&A manager, or a similar job title in this field.

Moreover, CMAs can leverage their unique skills to perform various tasks such as crunching numbers, preparing financial statements, arranging funding, and more. Usually, CMAs work within corporate finance teams in those companies’ public or private sectors. Or, CMAs can work with the government.

There are many opportunities available if you get your CMA. So, how do you do it?

Become a CMA – The Steps

Let’s look at the steps to achieving this certification. First, to get your CMA, you need to meet all of the qualification requirements. But to get started, the IMA has two basic qualifications you must meet to apply to the CMA program and eventually take the CMA exam. What’s more, after you pass the exam, you also have requirements for education and experience.

Enrolling in the CMA program

The CMA requirements

After you join the CMA program, you must meet several CMA requirements:

  • Exam: Pass the 2-part CMA exam within 3 years of gaining admission into the CMA program
  • Education: Obtain either a bachelor’s degree or another qualifying accounting certification within 7 years of passing the CMA exam
  • Work: Gain 2 years of full-time work experience in management accounting or financial management
  • Ethics: Agree to the IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice when you apply for your CMA credential after meeting all other requirements
  • CPE: To keep your CMA certificate, you’ll need to gain at least 30 hours of continuing professional education each year

Let’s review each step in more detail.

Step 1: Joining the IMA

First, before you can start to tackle the exam, you need to join the IMA and be in good standing. While this does require an IMA membership fee, there are other benefits to it as well.

For example, the IMA membership can provide you with many opportunities through networking via the myIMA Network. Plus, it can give you the tools and information needed to help enhance your career as a CMA. For example, IMA members can access free continuing education courses and webinars. And even more, members also receive several monthly publications like Management Accountant Quarterly and Strategic Finance.

The IMA also has different types of memberships available. Therefore, what you pay will depend on your membership level. In fact, qualified students (6 credits or more per semester) will pay only $45 per year for their membership. Professionals, however, pay $275 for their annual IMA membership fees.

IMA Membership Fee

  • $275 – professionals
  • $150 – academics
  • $45 – students

Step 2: Joining the CMA Program

As mentioned above, you also have to join the CMA program. In a way, joining the program is like an application stating that you intend to become CMA certified. However, this step is different from joining the IMA. After all, you need to join both—the IMA and the CMA program.

The CMA program fee (also called the CMA entrance fee) is not refundable. So, don’t join and pay until you are ready to take the CMA exam and know this is what you are going for. Once you’ve made that decision, here are the fees for the CMA program:

CMA Program Fee

  • $280 – professionals
  • $188 – students and academics

Next, after you are accepted into the CMA program, you must complete the CMA program in its entirety within 3 years of enrolling.

Step 3: Take the CMA Exam

Next, after you join the IMA and the CMA program, you need to take the CMA exam. But first, you should study. After all, by studying, you can greatly increase your chances of passing the CMA exam parts on the first try. And in the long run, you’ll save time and money when getting your CMA. Besides, you must pay to retake a failed section, so it pays to study.

CMA exam pass rate

While free CMA study materials and free CMA practice questions are available online, it’s best to study with a comprehensive review course, too. Why? Well, the pass rate for CMA Exam Part 1 is only 35%. And although more candidates ace Part 2, the pass rate is still at 50%. Basically, this means that the CMA pass rate is actually a little lower than accounting credential exams consider to be “hard,” such as the CPA and CFA exams.

Consider a CMA review course

A good study review course will help you pass the CMA on your first try. Investing in a quality CMA course is the best way to ensure you pass the exam. Plus, it will help you save money in re-take fees because you didn’t properly prepare. Several top-notch CMA courses are available, including Gleim CMA, Becker CMA Review, Surgent CMA, and the HOCK CMA materials. NINJA CMA Review is another option, and it’s the only CMA study material that has a monthly subscription plan. (HOCK stream is another monthly subscription plan, but it just includes access to the HOCK CMA videos and HOCK instructors. That is, it’s a CMA exam supplement instead of a full study course.)

Although some up-front costs are involved, investing in the right study materials for your learning style could greatly help you in the long run. Additionally, you can save a lot of money with CMA course discounts (e.g., Becker CMA coupon), available on our partner site,

Register for the CMA exam

When you have sufficiently studied and you’re ready to take the exam, you will need to register to take each part. However, keep in mind that your CMA exam fees are non-refundable. Therefore, be sure you pick your date and time carefully and don’t miss it.

The CMA exam is given in two parts. Moreover, you can register for, pay for, and take each exam part separately. Or, if you want, you can register for both parts simultaneously. The exam fee for each part is:

CMA Exam Registration Fee (per part)

  • $460 – professionals (for a total of $920 for both parts)
  • $345 – students (or a total of $690 for both parts)

Two Parts of the CMA Exam

The two parts of the CMA exam are as follows:

  • Part 1 – Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
  • Part 2 – Strategic Financial Management

Each part contains 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which you will have 3 hours to complete. In addition, both parts include two essay questions that you have an hour to complete. Your final CMA score comes from the MCQs (75%) and the essays (25%).

So in total, you have 4 hours to complete each part of the CMA exam. And while waiting for your CMA exam results, you can be sure to meet the education and work requirements. Afterward, you will be able to apply for your CMA credential.

Step 4: Meet the Educational Requirements for CMA

To get your CMA credential, you must have certain levels of education and work experience. Specifically, you need to meet the following educational requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary educational institute.
  • Meet the education requirements within 7 years of passing both parts of the CMA exam.

However, your degree does not have to specifically be in accounting. Of course, if you study accounting or a related field in college, passing the CMA exam could be a little easier.

In addition, you may take the exam before you complete your degree if you are registered for at least 6 credits per semester (as an active student). But keep in mind that once you start the CMA program, you need to finish the program—and meet all of the requirements, like getting your degree—within 3 years. Therefore, you should plan to enter the CMA program until you have completed at least part of your bachelor’s degree finished.

Education Exemption

What’s more, qualifying for an education exemption is possible if you already have certain other approved professional certificates. The IMA has a complete list of qualifying credentials online. However, the list includes the CA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, the CPA from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, the CFA from the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, and the CIA from the Institute of Internal Auditors, among others.

Furthermore, you will need to request an original transcript or an official letter from your qualifying organization. Then, you should have it sent to the IMA for review and approval of the educational requirements.

Step 5: Meeting the Work Requirement

In addition to passing the 2-part CMA exam and meeting the education requirement, you must also gain some practical experience before obtaining your CMA certificate. Specifically, you need the following:

  • 2 years of continuous full-time work in management accounting and/or financial management
  • Or, you can substitute 4 continuous years of part-time experience

Plus, you must gain this experience within 7 years of passing the CMA exam.

Step 6: Maintain Your CMA Credential

Once you have completed all of these steps, you can apply for your CMA certification. However, it’s also important to know the requirements to keep your credentials active. In fact, the IMA expects all CMA holders to gain annual CPE or continuing professional education.

To do this, you first must:

  • Pay your IMA Membership fee to make sure your IMA membership remains active
  • Pay your annual CMA maintenance fee

Next, you should meet these continuing education requirements:

  • 30 hours of continuing education per year
  • 2 of these 30 hours must be in the area of ethics and comply with the IMA Statement of Ethics for practitioners

Final Thoughts

Therefore, as you can see, the process of getting your CMA certification involves many steps. However, they are fairly straightforward. This highly respected credential could help you gain an edge over the competition in a prolific field. While it will take a hefty investment of money and time to achieve your certification, you can easily see that the benefits are very much worth it.

Having your CMA certification puts you in a great position for better jobs and higher-paying positions. Are you ready to get your CMA? If so, check out this free CMA course from our partner site.

Further Reading: 

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Best CMA Review Courses & CMA Discounts (2023)

Use this page to get the best CMA review courses, plus the latest CMA discounts and CMA exam promo codes! You'll find amazing CMA course discounts here!

Best CMA Review Courses, CMA Discounts & CMA Exam Promo Codes (Biggest & Best CMA Discounts)

#1 Best CMA Review Course:

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#2 Best CMA Review Course:

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#3 Best CMA Review Course:

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More CMA Discounts

Sometimes, the IMA provides promo codes for CMA exam fees, for Middle Eastern candidates in particular. Right now, you can use code IPASS15 to save 15% on your IMA membership and CMA application fee!

Discounts on CMA Courses

Once you become a CMA, you’ll experience the CMA benefits of the certification. In fact, the CMA will pay for itself sooner than you think. The CMA affords career advantages such as increased income, incentives, and job opportunities. But before it does, you must pay for the certification with time, effort, and money. Specifically, your funds have to cover CMA exam fees and study materials.

Even though the CMA certification is worth the expense, you don't want to make that expense any bigger than necessary. That's where CMA course discounts come in. With these discounts, you can save hundreds of dollars on your CMA review. If you want to save big and pay less for the CMA, just use a CMA course discount today! 

The Best CMA Discounts

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the awesome CMA review discounts available, don't worry! I'll help you choose the best one for you. 

The first thing you must do is figure out which materials and features your CMA review course must have. To figure this out, you should consider your learning style and knowledge levels. You should also consult my comparison of the most popular CMA review courses. Once you know what you're looking for, analyze each CMA review course on the market to see if they include what you absolutely need. 

If you find the course you want doesn't come at a price you're willing to pay, then search for a CMA discount for that course. The right discount can save you hundreds of dollars on the CMA course of your dreams!

However, the best CMA discount you find may still not be enough to lower the price of your perfect CMA review course into your monetary range. In that case, you may need to reconsider your pricing priorities. Giving yourself a CMA course budget can be a good thing, but sometimes, you can get a lot more value out of a course if you spend a little more. And when it's the course you need to pass, it's worth every penny. You need the right CMA course so you can pass the exam the first time. Passing as soon as possible saves time and money, so the course that helps you do that is always a good deal. 

CMA Exam Promo Codes

If the CMA discount you want requires you to use a CMA exam promo code, you just have to follow these steps.

To redeem a CMA exam promo code, you first have to copy the code from this site. Copying the code is as simple as clicking one of the buttons that says something like, “Get the code!” It's so easy because this button both copies the code for you and takes you to the review provider’s site. On that site, you must add the CMA course you want to your cart. Then, at checkout, you’ll see the place to paste the promo code. Once you've pasted the code, click “Apply.” The cart will refresh to apply the discount and reveal how much you’ve saved. You can now buy the best CMA course for you and begin preparing for the CMA exam!

As you can see, saving big by using a CMA exam promo code is pretty easy! Try the process today with one of the CMA exam promo codes here!

Other Ways to Save on CMA Study Materials

First of all, the easiest and most effective way to save money is to pass the CMA exam the first time. However, there are also a few other steps you can take to save. 

1. Explore the Free Trials

Working through the free trial of a course helps you see whether the course addresses your learning style and affords plenty of review resources. Thankfully, both Gleim CMA and Wiley CMA have free demos available, so I suggest your start your CMA review search with these providers.

2. Maximize Your CMA Test Prep

The test prep program included in your CMA course is more than just a collection of practice CMA questions. Instead, it's an assortment of opportunities to solidify your understanding. Each practice question tests you on a specific concept, so if you get the question right, you've reached a deep level of understanding with the concept. If you get the question wrong, you get to learn more about the concept and use your mistake to improve your comprehension. 

3. Create Your Own Flashcards

Now, I know that many CMA exam prep providers include digital or printed flashcards with their courses. But I personally believing that making your own is the best way to go. 

When I was studying for the exam, I filled 3x5 index cards with the key concepts and important points. Some of my friends filled a few notebook pages instead. Either way works as long as you give your brain the opportunity to process all the content you learned.

Got Any Other Good Ideas? 

Please share your ideas with us! The CMA community and I are eager to know how you plan to save money on the CMA exam! It doesn't have to cost a fortune to become a CMA!

For your further reading: