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Earlier this year, HOCK CMA Review introduced HOCK stream, a month-by-month subscription that delivers CMA videos and lets you access CMA experts via online office hours. And to help you determine if HOCK stream could be useful for my readers, HOCK gave me a preview of this new subscription. So in this article, I’ll share the advantages and disadvantages of studying with the HOCK stream service. Moreover, if you want to try HOCK stream for yourself, I have some exclusive discounts at the end.

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Although HOCK stream is a new product, HOCK International has been around since 2003. Over the years, the HOCK CMA study materials have expanded to include comprehensive CMA preparation courses, and HOCK’s CMA videos are some of the best on the market. In fact, HOCK is among our best 2023 CMA courses, especially for CMA candidates who learn best from audio-visual materials.

HOCK Stream for CMA Candidates: What Is It?

HOCK stream is a brand-new monthly subscription for anyone studying for the CMA exam, both Part 1 and Part 2. It combines the two most popular elements of HOCK’s full courses: quality CMA videos and one-on-one help.

HOCK stream gives you access to:

  • Every CMA HOCK video
  • Detailed video lectures, which are led by Brian Hock or HOCK’s other knowledgeable instructors
  • CMA short courses
  • Videos that practice CMA exam questions (multiple-choice and essays)
  • HOCK CMA experts’ live online office hours
  • A private social network that HOCK set up exclusively for CMA candidates

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Your Guide to HOCK Stream

1. HOCK’s instructional CMA videos

With your HOCK stream subscription, you can watch all the HOCK step-by-step videos and the “CMA with Brian Hock” series. These videos aren’t too long, but they go into the exam questions in-depth, making them excellent for all levels of CMA preparation. Also, they include extensive explanations of the CMA exam topics, which makes them a useful resource for anyone new to management accounting or anyone who failed their first attempt at the CMA exam.

2. CMA essays and questions review videos

Moreover, HOCK has produced videos demonstrating how to respond to both the CMA essays and multiple-choice questions. Anyone who finds the CMA test questions challenging will benefit from watching HOCK’s videos because the instructors show you how to break down questions and answer them confidently. In fact, I think these videos would be especially helpful to candidates who have already failed the CMA once.

3. Short courses for CMA candidates

When you subscribe to HOCK stream, you can also enroll in the CMA HOCK short courses. Each segment of these brief courses includes a HOCK study guide that covers the key themes from the CMA exam. So if you’re taking Part 1 or Part 2 in the near future, I suggest watching these videos as a good review.

4. Individual assistance via live office hours

I was quite happy to discover that a HOCK stream subscription also includes access to live online office hours with HOCK’s CMA experts. To be clear, the CMA instructors at HOCK (all of whom are engaging and enthusiastic about helping candidates, by the way) really “sit” in an online office during set office hours each week. At this time, you can videoconference with them to ask questions about the CMA exam in person. Therefore, you have personal support if you don’t understand an exam topic.

5. Membership in a HOCK CMA social and study network

You can join a social/study network available only to subscribers when you sign up for HOCK stream. More specifically, HOCK has two groups: one for CMA Part 1 candidates and the other for CMA Part 2 candidates. This network is directly accessible via the HOCK stream website, and connecting with other users is simple. Sometimes, new CMA candidates underestimate the support they need during their CMA journey. When you belong to a dedicated network of other candidates, you can lean on them when you need moral support or just need an answer to a question outside of HOCK’s CMA experts’ office hours.

Benefits & Advantages of HOCK Stream

1. Classroom-like CMA videos with professional educators

Personally, I don’t like to use videos as my main source of learning because they can be so dry. And if I find a video boring, I feel like I’m wasting my precious study time and don’t absorb enough of the material.

Therefore, HOCK has taken the time to make videos that keep your attention. First, they are filmed in a classroom-like setting, so you’re not just reading text on a screen. (And yes…some other providers just read text on a computer screen and call that a “video.” How dull!)

Brian Hock hosts many of the videos, including the “CMA with Brian Hock” series. Brian has years of experience and is skilled at dissecting complicated issues. I think this is the reason why HOCK International CMA Review has become so popular with candidates all over the globe.

Also, the HOCK videos are closed captioned (CC). As a result, the exam concepts will be reinforced if you enable CC while watching the CMA videos. After all, the top educators understand that students learn faster when they read and listen to the concepts simultaneously. Therefore, the HOCK CMA videos will be helpful for visual and auditory learners alike.

Also, since you can watch each and every CMA video that HOCK has ever produced with HOCK stream, there are bound to be videos that cover exam topics you don’t know yet.

2. Simple to use on a mobile device

Candidates always ask me how they can be better prepared to pass the CMA exam. One suggestion I give them is to figure out how to study on the go. For instance, you could make flashcards to keep with you and study whenever you have some extra time. Of course, another option is to watch HOCK stream on your cellphone if you have spare time.

After all, you can use HOCK stream on any web-enabled device. HOCK has even built apps for both iOS and Android gadgets. I tried to use HOCK stream on my phone, and it was easy to navigate the catalog of videos and find the information I was seeking.

3. No cost, no hassle trial to HOCK stream!

If HOCK stream interests you, I encourage you to sign up for the free one-week trial. But if the monthly subscription doesn’t suit your learning style, no worries! The free trial is free, so you can’t lose anything by looking at this service. I recommend browsing the CMA video catalog, watching a few videos to get a feel for the style, and even checking in with an instructor during the weekly online office hours.

HOCK Stream Limitations

1. Video lectures for the CMA exam, but not the full HOCK CMA review course

First, remember that HOCK stream is best used as a CMA exam supplement. The HOCK stream gives you access to CMA videos and more, but it still isn’t a comprehensive review course. As a result, it lacks certain study resources like a CMA textbook or flashcards if you like to use that kind of written material to study. A CMA exam bank and sample CMA essays to practice are also unavailable. Likewise, HOCK stream doesn’t include sample full-length CMA exams. And because of that, you can’t take any timed mock exams before you sit for your test.

Regardless, the HOCK stream subscription could complement your CMA studies if you’re someone who can learn from video lectures. Just use the subscription with one of the best CMA review courses. (HOCK CMA Review is on the list of the best CMA courses for 2023, by the way!)

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Cost of HOCK Stream CMA + My HOCK CMA Savings

You can sign up for a monthly HOCK stream membership for just $29. Or you can choose the annual subscription at $299, so that saves you money if you study with HOCK stream for at least a year. Nevertheless, whichever option you pick, you can always cancel your subscription after you pass Parts 1 and 2.

  • Monthly HOCK stream memberships cost $29
  • Yearly HOCK stream memberships are $299

I have HOCK CMA discounts, too, including an exclusive CMA stream discount for my readers!

Find HOCK Stream Discounts

My Final Considerations for HOCK Stream

HOCK CMA stream contains something for almost everyone taking the CMA exam since it gives you access to a range of resources from CMA video lectures to instructor support and an exclusive study/social CMA network. As a result, HOCK stream could be a good companion to your existing CMA review course, especially if you can learn from videos. The subscription is also ideal for anyone who failed their first CMA attempt because the instructors can break down the exam topics in a way that makes them easy to understand. So check out the HOCK stream free trial right away; I have a hunch you’ll like learning with HOCK!

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