I attempted to list below the most frequently asked questions related to accounting  jobs as well as career advancement and alternatives. If you have a question that you cannot find an answer to, please drop a note below and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as I can.

Accounting Careers

The Choices

Crafting Your Resume

Acing Your Interviews

Upgrading Your Career

Breaking into Big 4

Making the Decision

Hiring Process

How to Survive and Excel in Your First Year

How to Excel in Second Year and Beyond

Exit Opportunities and Strategies

  • I’ve enough. When is the best time to leave Big 4?

General Accounting Firms and Departments

Tips for New Accountants


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Yveline says March 1, 2017

Hello Stephanie! Here comes a Research Data Analyst from Canada. After working at a nice market research company for 1 year, I figured out that I still prefer working at public accounting firm – where I spent most of my summer times – instead of market research, although my major is like marketing and data modeling.

I found your website very helpful and I do regret that I haven’t found it earlier. I have a particular interest in Transfer Pricing and Global Taxation, however, public acct firms usually hire people with accounting degree in Canada, especially for Quebec. I am preparing for my CFA LevelII and Canadian CPA, and maybe USCPA as well. The thing is, I am not really sure about how could I successfully realize a career transition. Hope that I can see more discussion on this topic from your website.

    Stephanie says August 8, 2019

    Hello, did you end up making the transition? I apologize for the delay in commenting, so please let me know where things stand today 🙂 I’m happy to recommend things if you’re still looking to make the change!

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