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CFO Roles and Salary

The Chief Financial Officer or CFO’s scope of responsibility has evolved from bean counter and oversight to the “strategic advisor”, as accounting itself evolves from collecting, validating and reporting data to provide and supporting analysis for decision-making. Learning about the Role of a CFO depends on what you’d most like to focus on. We’re able to share with you some CFO responsibilities and salaries.

Both financial and non-financial key performance indicators, e.g. churn rate of telecom companies.

An extreme case is Amazon now that they use predictable analysis by using algorithms based on customer shopping patterns and ratings to suggest to customers items they would likely be interested in.

Also, at the operational level, Amazon uses weather climate models for more efficient shipping.

But any company will need a team to start asking intelligent questions.

It’s progressive for the accounting function to provide marketing and sales with a reliable and accurate picture of which customers are more profitable and which are less profitable.

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